Our dogs make great job on IDS Nitra 8/6/18 : Chris Bejby Bordo take in junior class ex 1, CAJC, Best of Junior and BOS and finished Juniorchampion Chimera Bejby Bordo take ex 1, CAC and res CACIB IDS Nitra 10/6 Chimera Bejby Bordo take...
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28/4 we entered on slovakia moloss special show, our dogs make great job. Emphils Joker: ex 1, CAC, best male and BOB started Grandchampion JCH Chance Bejby Bordo: ex 1, CAJC, best female and BOS Chris Bejby Bordo: ex 2 Chris and Chance 3 place for BIS PAIR BIS kennel: Bejby Bordo DSC_0070 Read more
On 23 -24. 3 ยด18 we entered on 2 shows in France. Regionale de elevage Chris Bejby Bordo take excellent and was selected for Ring de honneur CACIB Angers Speciale de Race Chris Bejby Bordo take in young class ex 1/4 and Best of Junior   29060056_2019733491374382_723194742724196109_o Read more