Dillen Bejby Bordo

available for stud HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, DNA profil,

frozen and chilled semen can by send worldwide

Father: CH Lucky z Vlčkovskeho mlyna

mother: CH, BIS Angela Bejby Bordo

Bloodline: ICH EJW Enzo z Vlčkovskeho mlyna, ICH EW Asso Tatra Bordo, ICH Rozeldogue Templeson

Gained tittles:  

European Junior winner 2015

vice Europasieger 2016


Champion Slovakia

Club Champion CZ 2017

Club winner CZ 2017

Juniorchampion SK, CZ, HU, SRB

candidate at Interchampion

candidate at Champion PL, HU, CZ, DE

national winner, grand prix winner

BIS PAIR with sister Donna on Slovakia club show

14xCAJC, 5 x JBOB, 6x BOS, 15 x BOB,15x CAC, 10x best male